Шопен. Кохання. Молодість
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Chopin. Love. Youth

Date and time

26 December 2019, Thursday 19:00

Chopin. Love. Youth
Who would know what love is, if not Chopin. All his music was born under the influence of this amazing feeling. Chopin can be called the most romantic composer of classical music. His ballads, nocturnes, impromptu, etudes, preludes, polonaises, mazurkas, waltzes — those are masterpieces of elegance, sensitivity and refinement.
You will hear the most beautiful piano music performed by Serhiy Kovalyov. When being immersed in the beautiful miniatures of the great romantic Chopin, one can forget about everything except love and beauty.
Serhiy Kovalyov — piano
F. Chopin — Two polonaise or. 26
F. Chopin — Three Waltzes, or. 34
F. Chopin — Selected mazurkas
K. Mikuli — two polonaises op 8
Concert arrangement may be different

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