Мультфільми під живу музику
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Cartoons and music

Date and time

20 November 2019, Wednesday 19:00

It will be impossible to hold back a smile for both adults and children at this concert! Cartoons accompanied by live music! One of the most popular programs once again returns to the Lviv Organ Hall!

Organ Hall continues experimenting with the projector and musicians. The previous shows of cartoons with a piano duo were a huge success. To impress the Lviv audience even more, we took into account the wishes of our visitors and decided to “upgrade” this program. This time you will find a gray cat and a brown mouse, who are ready to run, jump, fight and amuse you throughout the concert. We've prepared several COOL cartoons about Tom and Jerry for you, which will be accompanied by our pianist Dmytro Mykytyn. Young musician will perform works that not only meet the general mood of the concert, but will also assist in diving into the vivid atmosphere of carefree childhood.
You can watch cartoons at any age and watching them at the Lviv Organ Hall is a trend now.

Dmytro Mykytyn – piano

Buy tickets at:
- Organ Hall Ticket Office, Every day, 1 P.M. - 7 P.M.
- online at Gastroli.ua -  https://gastroli.ua/places/235
- more than 20 places in Lviv Gastroli.ua -  https://gastroli.ua/network
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