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Carmina Burana. Kings&Beggars

Date and time

27 December 2018, Thursday 21:00

From ancient times Wheel of Fortune holds not the last place in symbolism and is extremely relevant in our time. A turn of Wheels of Fortune knows no mercy, it symbolizes the great global rotation, which has no payoff in advance for anybody - all men are equal. Anyone who is now at the top tomorrow will be humbled; one who is now at the bottom, tomorrow gets up to the top. Symbol of Wheel of Fortune was reflected in many medieval treatises, «Carmina Burana» among them also known as the «Codex Buranus» - an illustrated manuscript of the XIII century, a handwritten poetry collection (currently located at the National Library of Munich).Early music ensemble “Kings & Beggars” is proud to present to the public the program «Rota Fortunae» (Wheel of Fortune) based on lyrics from this manuscript. Kings & Beggars is an ancient and folk music ensemble founded in 2008 by Anna Vasilchenko in Lviv.They play medieval music from XIII to XVI Centuries from different European countries (Ukraine, Ireland, Great Britain, Spain, Germany, Italy, France...).

Kings & Beggars

O Fortuna
Tempus Transit Gelidum
Procurans Odium
Bache Bene Venies
O Varium Fortune Lubricum
Exiit Diluculo
Clauso Cronos Et Serrato
Dulce Solum Natalis Patriae
Vite Perdite
Fas Et Nefas
Licet Aeger Cum Egrotis
Nomen A Solemnibus
Alte Clamat Epicurus
Tempus Est Iocundum
Axe PhebusIn Taberna

Duration: near 70 min.

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