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Exhibition Butterflies

Date and time

25 February 2020, Tuesday 16:00

Exhibition will be open from February 23 till March 23
In art, butterflies have inspired composers, poets, and artists for many centuries. Butterflies are a complex and at the same a very simple image. The deep philosophical implication of the butterfly's image is linked to its metamorphoses — dying and rebirth, flight and beauty, evanescence and constancy.
Butterflies is a large syncretic project of the Lviv Organ Hall: exhibition, concert, lecture, music program for kids.
The 12th exhibition of the Organ Hall Gallery will open on February 23 at 6 P.M. Amazing specimens from the private butterfly collections of Arseniy Diskovsky and Ivan Dudych will adorn the walls of the Gallery. About 10 frames with butterflies from around the world, single copies and compositions.