LudkevychFest 2019
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Bright piano. LudkevychFest

Date and time

12 October 2019, Saturday 19:00

Bright and rich playlist by Serhiy Kovalyov will make you fall in love with classical music once and for all. Delicate, driven, dramatic and mystical — it is so diverse that everyone will find something for the soul.
Immerse yourself in a dreamy contemplation or a burst of passionate emotions — choose what you love best. And the young pianist Serhiy Kovalyov will perform an unforgettable concert of selected piano works for you.
Lyudkevych Fest
It is an exciting journey into the world of expressive romantic music, which by its power wins our hearts and makes us live our true values. Individual composer and artist styles that create a new reality of time and space. High art and bold interpretations. Live discussion between the present and the past. A reboot of what we already know and an escape from templates
Why Lyudkevych Fest?
Stanyslav Lyudkevych (1879 — 1979) was a well-known Ukrainian composer, musicologist, educator, and true intellectual. Lyudkevych is a classic of Ukrainian music, but also an extraordinary figure. He lived exactly one hundred years, survived two world wars, witnessed two empires. He is the author of large-scale symphonic and choral works.
Serhiy Kovalyov — piano
R. Schumann — Butterflies
S. Lyudkevych — A song before the sunrise
M. de Falla — The Dance of Fire
F. Liszt — Forgotten Waltz #1
I. Karabyts — Three preludes
I. Kosenko — Concert Waltz
You can purchase tickets:
- at the box office of the Organ Hall (daily from 13:00 to 19:00)
- online at
- in more than 20 box offices in Lviv -
//age restriction: ~7+//

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