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Віра. Надія. Любов

Date and time

30 September 2018, Sunday 17:00

Traditionally, at September 30 at 5:00 pm, we invite you to the author concert of Bogdan Kotyuk "Faith. Hope. Love".At this concert you will hear all the colors of the creative talent of the modern Lviv composer. From cybals to organ. From the simplest to the most complex. With Faith, Hope, Love. Without them it is impossible to create.

“Jerichon. Fanfare” – Olena Matselyukh, organ
“DJ” (Konzertstück) – Natalya Zolotaryova, piano
“Way to Heaven”  (verset) – Olena Matselyukh, organ
“Domenico-sonata in D” – Dara Nikitchenko, piano
“Domenico-sonata in С” – Natalya Polischuk, piano
“Tet-a-tet” (verset) – Olena Matselyukh, organ
“Gnom” – Iryna Makovetska, soprano, Rostyslav Kotyuk, paino
“Benedictus” – Olena Matselyukh, organ“Monaco” (Konzertstück)
“Sanctus” (Symphonie poem) – Olena Matselyukh, organ
“Drive” (Konzertstück) – Melania Makarevych, piano

The concert program is led by composer Bogdan Kotyuk.

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