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Rampant baroque

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08 December 2019, Sunday 19:00

Exuberant Baroque
Elaborate, graceful, magnificent, uncontrollable, joyful, vibrant! This is Baroque! If you want to reboot your brain and experience the beauty and ease of life, baroque music is exactly what you need. Baroque music is the most effective antidepressant during any season, at any time and under all circumstances.
The Baroque Chapel Orchestra directed by Hanna Ivanyushenko has prepared a gift dedicated to the 175 anniversary of the Lviv National Academy of Music.
A. Vivaldi — Concerto for Strings in D major, RV 121
G. F. Händel — Concerto Grosso or. 6 No 7
G. F. Händel — Aria di Bellezza from the "Triumph of Time" oratorio, soloist Evelina Lyubonko (soprano)
I. Pietz — Concerto pastorale F major for two flutes and strings, soloists Bozhena Korchynska and Olha Milosta (flute)
A.Vivaldi - Concerto for strings C moll RV 120
J. Ph. Rameau — Les Boréades
A. Corelli — Concerto Grosso or. 6 No 4, soloists Oleksandra Yefimova and Marharyta Kirsanova (violin)
Mykola Lysenko Lviv National Music Academy Baroque Chapel Orchestra
Artistic director H. Ivanyushenko
Conductor — People's Artist of Ukraine, Professor Ihor Pylatyuk
The Mykola Lysenko Lviv National Music Academy Baroque Chapel Orchestra is a unique group, since it's the students who are playing. They get acquainted with the baroque music throughout their studies at the Academy not only in theory, but also in practice. Performers specialize in finding and executing the rare Baroque works (A. Bononcini, C. H. Graun, A. d'Astorg, Ch. Avison, E. Dall'Abaco and others).
The orchestra was founded in 2014. It participated in "Virtuosos", "Contrasts" and "Academy" (Lviv) early music festivals, the "4 Harpsichords" project and in the performance of the "Amazon" opera by Joseph Elsner et al.
The team collaborated with renowned musicians — M. Toporovskyi (harpsichord, organ), R. Kamyenyazh (baroque violin), A. Pilchen (baroque violin), B.Franklin (viola da gamba), head of the baroque orchestra «Pocket Symphony» N. Kozhuhar, I. Korol (violin, viola, conductor) and A. Kossenko (flute, conductor).
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