Aureliano Duo
Activity 01Concert

240 and 4 strings

Date and time

17 September 2019, Tuesday 19:00

Violin and piano. It seems that there is no music that this Duo could not embody. It is as natural as the symbiosis of a flower and a bee. It is as caressing to the ear as the rustle of a warm sea wave on soft sand. Two instruments, singing, arguing, confessing their love to each other and telling a life story.
Lviv's talented Duo Aureliano Duo consists of a violinist Petro Tityayev and a pianist Anastasia Boyko. Their instruments can speak the language of any musical style and genre. This evening, Aureliano Duo will perform sonatas by Ludwig van Beethoven and Johannes Brahms, and Igor Stravinsky's virtuoso Duo Concertant will be the main performance of the evening.
Petro Tityayev — violin
Anastasia Boyko – piano
L. V. Beethoven — Sonata for violin and piano No. 1 op.12
J. Brahms — Sonata for violin and piano No.3 op.108
I. Stravinsky – Duo Concertant

Photo and video

Thumb aureliano duo