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Arvo Pärt

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21 June 2019, Friday 19:00

"Everything is possible in music!" Says Arvo Pärt. The most accomplished of today's living composers in the world, Grammy Award Winner, Honorary Doctor of  Oxford University is an extremely modest man, does not like too much attention and devotes a lot of time to spirituality.
In his youth, the Estonian composer was found of avant-garde, and a dodecaphonia, liked experiments in music. Then there was a period of conversion to the Baroque, the Renaissance. And after prolonged silence Arvo Pärt turned out to give the world a new style, which he himself called "tintinnabuli" (bells). The music of Pärt is simple as dzin bells, and is deep and philosophical as Bach’s.
Like Bach Pärt also likes the organ. Nadiya Velychko will play well-known organ pieces of Patr on June 21.

Nadiya Velychko - organ

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