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Lyudkevych Liturgy

Date and time

28 February 2018, Wednesday 19:00

28th of February “Territory of Terror” Memorial Museum together with Lviv Organ Hall and Collegium Musicum agency will introduce you a project inside the “Personal Stories of the Dignity Revolution” exhibition - Liturgy of Lyudkevych.

The image of the "common cause" of Lyudkevych is in harmony with the idea of the Revolution of Dignity, which united the Ukrainian people in order to change society. In this year, honoring the memory of the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundreds, we feel our involvement in this "common cause," which again and again unites us in the desire for peace for Ukraine.

“Territory of Terror” Memorial Museum is now located at previously known Lviv ghetto and then Prison #25.

Vocal ensemble Collegium Musicum
Conductor - Viktor Pylypyshyn

LOCATION: “Territory of Terror” Memorial Museum, Lviv, Chornovola st, 45 g
TIME: Feb. 28 at 19:00