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22 November 2018, Thursday 19:00

The Pianoson’s family invites you to the Lviv Organ Hall!
We have the honor to invite you to the reception of Mr. Organ, Ms. Piano and Mrs. Virginal!All these respectable guests from the noble kind of Keyboard Instruments will be presented to the public by a Lviv pianist and organist Svitlana Pozdnysheva.Svitlana prepared an interesting concert-lecture about the development of keyboard instruments. At the concert it will be possible to hear the organ, virgininal (a kind of harpsichord) and piano, as well as learn about such interesting things as piano-giraffe, pyramid, organ-musical box (the first CD), instruments with "broken" octave, curved keyboard and more!

Svitlana Pozdnysheva - piano, organ, virgininal

G. Muffat - Ricercata 1 in d
G. Muffat - Toccata No. 1
D. Frescobaldi - Toccata No. 11
J. Haydn, L. Beethoven - Pieces for Flute Clock
F. Chopin - Polonez A-dur
Padre Davide da Bergamo - All'Offertorio
H. Cowell - Aeolian Harp
H. Cowell - Snows of Fujiyama

Tickets are available:
- in the box office of Organ Hall daily from 1 p.m. till 7 p.m.
- online at -
- in over 20 box offices around Lviv -

// age limit: ~ 0 + //
Phone for information: 098 871 0180

Photo and video

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