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Night Organ Concert

Date and time

17 August 2018, Friday 22:00

This summer, Lviv will be home to organists from all over the world for two weeks. From August 13 to August 26, the Organ Hall will host the 8th Lviv Organ Festival. 13 concerts, master classes and hours of good music!
Organist from Estonia Ulla Krigul will play twice on our festival. She is one of the most outstanding young generation organists at home. She’d studied piano and organ in Estonia and Austria.As soloist and chamber musician Ulla Krigul has performed in all main Estonian churches, participated international festivals, international competitions, as well as given concerts in Finland, Austria and Sweden.Ulla give the important role to  contemporary music. “I am delighted to play new Estonian music that lacks the so-called rules and where there is space for searching and experimenting at the same time not copying anybody”, she says. She will bring this music to Lviv.
In her night concert we will hear Annum per annum by Arvo Pärt, the most accomplished composer living in the world. Also Spectrum I by UNESCO Prize winner, Estonian composer Erkki-Sven Tüür will sound. Ulla will play the pieces by Alexander Guilmant and Johann Sebastian Bach.

Ulla Krigul - organ

A. Guilmant - 1 Sonate Symphonie en Re mineur op. 42 (I Introduction et Allegro, II Pastorale, III Final)E.S. Tüür – Spectrum I
J.S. Bach – Partita “O Gott, du frommer Gott!”
A. Pärt – “Annum per annum”

Tickets are available:
- at the office of the Organ Hall every day from 13:00 to 19:00
- online at -
- in more than 20 outlets of Lviv -

// age limit: ~ 7 + //
Phone for information: 098 871 0180

Photo and video

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