Organ Concert by Nadiya Velychko
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North Organ

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09 June 2019, Sunday 19:00

Without them there would be no Bach!
Jan Sweelinck, Dietrich Buxtehude, Jakob Praetorius, Samuel Scheidt... All these outstanding organists of the XVII century not only prepared the ground for the advent of Bach but also created one of the most brilliant phenomena of the Baroque Era - North German organ school. In the harsh northern lands people paid special attention to the organ, because this instrument surpassed the sound of the largest orchestra, could "sing" with the voices of angels and shake the earth as thunders. Fugues of the German masters, where they competed in polyphony, choral preludes, which have grown into an independent genre - all this captivates us today.

Nadiya Velychko - organ

J. Sweelinck - Pavana Hispanica
J. Praetorius - Magnificat Germanice
J. Praetorius - Preambulum
J. Reinken - Two toccatas
H. Scheidemann - Pavana Lachrymae
S. Scheidt - Bergamaska
S. Scheidt - Variations on the theme of Galliard D. Dowland
D. Buxtehude - Toccata fis-moll

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