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Love and Piano

Date and time

04 December 2019, Wednesday 19:00

Nyzankivsky, Barvinsky and Kolessa brought Ukrainian music from Galicia to a new European path. Each of them is unique and has made a very valuable contribution to the national musical heritage.
Nestor Nyzhankivsky skillfully used folk music as a foundation for the development of musical material. He successfully combined folk melos and European academic traditions, and as a result created one of the best examples of professional Ukrainian classics.
Vasyl Barvinsky is a genius of Ukrainian musical art. Few know that he is the first in Europe to start using new techniques in his work, including the "cluster". In addition, the artist has created beautiful music, which undoubtedly stands on the same level with the works of famous European composers.
 Mykola Kolessa is a unique composer. After all, he was a representative of Ukrainian neo-folklorism — a style that was the foremost in Europe at that time. He brought new modern trends into the tradition of national music.
Roksolana Pidchecha — piano

N. Nyzhankivsky — "Letters to Her"
V. Barvinsky — "Love" Cycle
M. Kolessa — Passacaglia, Scherzo and Fugue.
M. Skoryk — Partita #5

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