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Philip Glass. Way to yourself

Date and time

26 September 2019, Thursday 19:00

Philip Glass is a modern composer, who writes minimalistic music. It's easy to understand and touches our souls, leaving a distinct mark. A light melody, which hides amongst dynamic rhythms, like a voice. It talks to us and tells us stories and provides with clear information. And this voice isn't meditative. It's tense and emotional. Just like the time we're living in.
One word which is mostly associated with music by Philip Glass is wonder. This is the music of a perfect journey, when beautiful cities and buildings along with faces of people are quickly flashing by in the window... Everyone has their own fate and problems, but we keep moving forward and everything gets combined into a single flow.
Music, which is perfect for relaxation, resetting, letting everything go and regenerate. Music, which will touch everyone's heart, since it's written now: about us and for us.

Olena Matselukh - organ

F. Glass - Essay N1 from the Volume 1
F. Glass - Opening Piece from Glassworks
F. Glass - Modern Love Waltz
O. Messiaen - "Celestial Meal"
F. Glass - Trilogy Sonata (Dance from Akhnaten, scene III)
H.A. Stramm - Mandala
F. Glass - Metamorphosis
O. Messiaen - "Jesus takes the torment", "God among us" from the cycle "La Nativité"
F. Glass - Mad Rush

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