Ліст. Трансцендентні етюди
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Liszt. Transcendental Etudes

Date and time

29 March 2020, Sunday 19:00

Transcendental etudes
The unique piano cycle of the famous Hungarian composer Franz Liszt will be performed on March 30 at the Lviv Organ Hall. A young Lviv pianist Andriy Makarevych will play the instrument.
Transcendental etudes are the pinnacle of Liszt's concert style. It is said that when the author played them, the women fainted from his temperament and artistry. Brilliance, power, scale, conveying the subtle nuances of feelings through the piano. Here, the line between the artist and the music becomes unclear.
It takes tremendous stamina, skill and even physical strength to play all 12 etudes in a row. Andriy Makarevych is on first-name terms with transcendental etudes. The pianist has already performed the entire cycle in Lviv. Makarevych can relate to the work of Liszt and the repertoire of the pianist contains many accomplished works by Liszt. It is thanks to Makarevych that Liszt's Third Piano Concerto with Orchestra was first performed in Ukraine.
Spend the evening in the Company of virtuoso piano music!
Andriy Makarevych — piano
F. Liszt — Transcendental etudes
Etude Nº1 Prelude
Etude Nº2 Rockets
Etude Nº3 Scenery
Etude Nº4 Mazeppa
Etude Nº5 Wills o' the Wisp
Etude Nº6 Vision
Etude Nº7 Eroica
Etude Nº8 Wild Hunt
Etude Nº9 Memory
Etude Nº10 Untitled - F minor;
Etude Nº11Evening Harmonies
Etude Nº12 Snowstorm
Duration: one and a half hours
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//age restriction: ~7+//

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