Organ Concert by Nadiya Velychko
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Organ Fest Opening

Date and time

14 July 2019, Sunday 19:00

Music is full of life and passion. When a dance becomes a force of nature and overwhelms both body and mind. Bass dynamics keep adding new twists and when they're serving as a background, tunes grow and develop from a light and vivacious delight to a full apotheosis of all feelings of those taking part in the spectacle. That's what the Passacaglia genre was all about in the XVII century; it was not the “clever” music for narrow circles of musicians-theorists. Life as it is.
The constant repetition of the bass part allowed composers to compete in the excellence of melodies everyone can relate to and later this genre turned into a harmony of exquisite feelings, intimate conversations, and spiritual confessions. Such music can be heard at the opening of the Lviv International Organ Festival.
Valeria Balakhovska, the soloist of the Kyiv National Organ and Chamber Music Hall, brought the most beautiful and emotional Passacaglia to Lviv.
Composers competed in the polyphony and beauty of the Passacaglia: J. C. Kerll, J. S. Bach, J. Pachelbel... However, there is nothing new except what has been forgotten, so Passacaglia was turned to once again in the twentieth century : M. Reger, M. Kolessa, O. Verman, V. Goncharenko.
At the opening of the Organ Festival 2019 we will hear the Passacaglia of all of these composers performed by the artistic organ player Valeria Balakhovska.
The concert will become a part of the International Organ Festival, which will be held at the Lviv Organ Hall for the ninth time. From July 14 to August 18, Lviv will turn into the organ capital of Ukraine. The guests will be presented with 15 concerts, outstanding organ players from four countries, master classes and hours of good music!

Valeria Balakhovska graduated from the National Academy of Music of Ukraine with a degree in piano and organ. She perfected her technique in organ playing by learning from famous foreign musicians: E. von Kameke (Germany), F. Klinda (Slovakia), B. Billeter (Switzerland), J. Trummer (Austria).
Due to the intricate mastery of the art of Baroque articulation, bright emotionality and impeccable technique, even well-known works acquire an original sound when interpreted by the organist. Her repertoire includes world classics, little-known works and pieces created by modern composers.
Valeria Balakhovska  tours a lot both in Ukraine and abroad, takes part in International Organ Festivals, radio and television music programs.

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